Home Safety

Grab bars, ramps, stair lifts…there are many things to consider when making a home safe and accessible.  Our Occupational Therapists complete thorough home safety assessments in our client’s homes and will recommend modifications, assistive devices and adapted techniques to maximize safety and independence.


During a Home Safety Assessment, an Occupational Therapist will visit you in your home.  We recommend that you have a family member or friend present during the assessment if it makes you more comfortable. The visit will take between 1-2 hours depending on the size of your home. The therapist will ask you questions about your general health and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your ability to function safely and independently in youshutterstock_16157359r home. The therapist will then tour your home with you and may ask you to demonstrate  certain activities (such as getting on and off a chair, stepping over the edge of your bathtub). This allows the therapist to assess your abilities and identify appropriate recommendatishutterstock_219073087ons to maximize your independence and safety when completing various tasks. On the day of the visit, your therapist will provide you with special equipment recommendations or strategies that will help you when completing activities in your home such as doing laundry or housework, getting dressed, using the shower or toilet, and so on.

Following the visit, the therapist will complete a report for you that includes all of the findings from the assessment, the recommendations to maximize your safety and independence at home, as well as a list vendors and/or contractors who are able to provide you with the necessary devices and/or services to implement the recommendations. A follow up visit from your therapist will be arranged with you in order to review the report and answer any questions you may have.

Upon request by our clients or their families, Access Options offers additional professional consultation services to further address any areas of concern, or to assist with future planning needs. Please refer to our Professional Consultation Services as outlined on this website.


Access Options offers a specific BATHROOM SAFETY ASSESSMENT which consists of two visits with an Occupational Therapist.  The therapist will make recommendations for specific equipment and/or modifications to your bathroom in order to maximize your safety and independence.


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